Fix Access Denied error when running Minecraft under Windows 7

April 29, 2012

I just bought Minecraft and downloaded the installer. When I ran the Java program I got an error message “Access Denied”. Well, after hours and hours and trying to fix various permissions on all the directories I just realized that MineCraft and ZoneAlarm don’t play along well at all. Removing the Browser Virtualization option from ZoneAlarm fixed the problem. It’s the second time I have a problem with ZoneAlarm and this is starting to piss me off. This first time being the unability to run AVIDEMUX. For this one, no workaround unfortunately, I had to run WinXP in a VMWare instance !!! Unbelievable !

Careful Checkpoint… I may not renew my subscription for next year.


How to mount a vmware virtual drive

December 4, 2010

Go get Vmware Diskmount utility (google) or here

Then everything is done from the command line :  

c:>cd “\Program Files\VMware\VMware DiskMount Utility”


c:>vmware-mount /?

for a list of options…The  following command-line can be used to mount a networked drive.

C:>vmware-mount s: “\\SYNO1\public\My Documents\VirtualMachines\Windows 98\Windows 98-flat.vmdk”

this will unmount the volume

c:>vmware-mount /f s: