How to quickly add text bubbles to a picture

October 2, 2011

I recently needed to create a little birthday party invite for one the kids and wanted to add a bubble to a picture. I could have fired up Photoshop but I thought for the task at hand it might have been overkill. So I went on checking out the great world wide web and ended up using this nice website : Superlame. It allows you to upload a picture and very easily add a cartoon-like  bubble speech.

Just what I needed and a job done in under 10 minutes.

The resulting image has a unique URL and can be saved, printed or sent to a friend.  The image will sport a (very) small icon for on the bottom right corner (which is fine by me as I think they did a great job and don’t mind spreading the word !). The url will expire after 24 hours, which is also fine with me.

Highly recommended…


Online photo galleries

June 13, 2011

Needed to share a few private pictures with some friends and had a look at yesterday

At first they seemed like an interested website but they have too many shortcomings to be really usable :  inability to reorder the pictures apart from changing their date/time, fonctions to change date/time of pictures didn’t work, bugs when selecting specific pictures.

Mind you I only used the web edition upload so maybe their windows extensions called “The Dropbox” would have worked better.

Decided in the end to rely on Google’s Picasa and set the privacy of the album to “Private”.

How to create a poster from an image and print it onto several A4 pages ?

June 7, 2011

Use Posterazor, I tried it tonight and it works magic.


This page lists other alternatives :

How to batch change date/time stamp in EXIF tag on a bunch of pictures

December 23, 2010

Forgot to change the time on my camera after DST passed and took a thousand of pictures. I needed to find a quick way to change the time in the EXIF tag of all those photos. Turns out the free version of EXIF DATE CHANGER works perfectly for this. This will also work if you forgot to change the time when travelling in Europe / US  for example.

Download from here :