How to add new rules to Belvedere on Windows 7

April 22, 2012

As mentionned here I use Belvedere to automate files operations. Recently I tried to add a new rule but the program wouldn’t save it. After a bit of searching I realized that the directory where the RULES.INI is located was read-only. The trick is to launch Belvedere in Admin mode just to create the new rule. You can then shut it down and relaunch it in regular mode.


Software to install on new machine

September 25, 2011

Since I regularly change my computers I thought I’d keep a list of the must-have softs for any new machine. I’ll update it as needed

1. Secunia

To detect vulnerabilities and out-dated programs

2. Windirstats

To find space hogs on my low-capacity SSD drive

3. Cache Cleaner

To stay secure and keep my private data private

4. Imgburn

To burn CDs/DVDs

5. irfanview

To view graphic files

6. mp3tag

to handle my music collection tags, includes ability to automate renaming, retagging, cleaning hundreds of files at once

7. CopyTrans Manager

To get rid of itunes and still be able to synchronize music with ipods/iphones/ipads/i-things

8. Audacity

To work with audio files

9. Winamp

To get rid of itunes and still be able to listen/subscribe to podcasts

10. Calibre

To transfert ebooks to my Bookeen Orizon book reader

11. GPG4Win

To encrypt individual files and its companion product….

12. GPGShell

…because I don’t want to mess around with the command-line (and because Windows 64bits doesn’t support 32 bit Explorer shell extensions)

13. Rename

To quickly rename lots and lots of files very easily

14. Kolor Autopano Giga

Fantastic program that will scan folders for pictures and if it recognizes panorama-like shots it will stitch them together automagically. Previously had to rely on Canon’s Photostich but this was taking sooooo much time. Highly recommended.

15. Duplicate Files Finder

To find all the duped files. Very easy to use and super useful to delete a bunch of duplicates.

16. PDFSAM Split and Merge 

To combine several PDFs files without using Adobe Acrobat

17. ProcMon

A must-have for windows listing all the files/registry entries being launched by a particular process or software. This saved me countless number of times when trying to understand why a particular piece of software was not working as it should have.

18. Belvedere

To automate copying and moving of files downloaded or created from my scanner. You create rules based on the filenames and tells the program to autowatch a folder. Magic then happens…

19. ExtractNow

To automatically expand (and delete once done) multiple zip (or other archive format) files within a folder.

20. SRWare

The browser of choice with a focus on privacy protection… Based on Chromium and with lots of add-ins

21. Do not Track Plus

Add-on to prevent Web Sites from relaying information about my surfing

22. Ghostery

Add-on to see what information Web sites collect

23. Screamer-Radio

To record radio streams

How to install a new SSD drive and clone the content from the old harddisk

August 14, 2011

I recently bought a new SSD drive for my gaming computer and did not want to go through the hassle of reinstalling Windows 7 and all my games so I looked for an easy way to clone my old harddrive.
Turns out it is fairly simple to do using only freeware but there are a few very important steps not to miss during the preparation for the cloning.

  1. First of all SSD drives are still very expensive and it is likely you will buy a drive that is of less capacity (120GB in my case) than the one installed on your machine (500GB for me) so you must shrink its partition to be able to transfer it. I used the very good “Partition Master 9.0”  program from the folks at
  2. Then I created a Windows Image System backup that I put on an external USB drive and a bootable recovery CD using the Windows 7 Backup and Restore. The built-in Windows programs work very well (amazingly) and that’s all I needed.

This blogs outlines the exact procedure to follow
Pay particular attention to the very first action “Move data off any non-OS partitions from OS HDD and delete these partitions”. I didn’t and when I tried to restore my System Image, I got an obscure Windows error that took me a couple of hours to understand. So make sure you only have 1 (one) partitition on your source drive. 

By the way, this single step of replacing my old disk with an SSD drive put a new life on my machine. Litteraly. For me it was better than changing the CPU, adding more memory, changing the motherboard…. And much less expensive.

This can be the single action to perform that will provide you with the most bang for the buck.

How to configure ZoneAlarm to work with VyprVPN

June 8, 2011
2 steps

1: Add the VPN networks to the Trusted Zone. for Los Angeles, CA for Washington, DC for Amsterdam for Hong Kong for London

2: Allow VPN protocol to go through ZoneAlarm
Go to the Firewall option, click the Advanced button and select the check box labelled Allow VPN protocols at high security. Select the check box labelled Allow uncommon protocols at high security.

More info  here :

How to create a poster from an image and print it onto several A4 pages ?

June 7, 2011

Use Posterazor, I tried it tonight and it works magic.


This page lists other alternatives :

How to install GPG in Windows

February 5, 2011
  1. Install GPG base files :
  2. Install GPGee hook to Windows Explorer :

How to batch change date/time stamp in EXIF tag on a bunch of pictures

December 23, 2010

Forgot to change the time on my camera after DST passed and took a thousand of pictures. I needed to find a quick way to change the time in the EXIF tag of all those photos. Turns out the free version of EXIF DATE CHANGER works perfectly for this. This will also work if you forgot to change the time when travelling in Europe / US  for example.

Download from here :