Skipping songs, scratching and hissing noise in iPod nano / iPod Touch or iPhone

March 27, 2011

A couple of months ago the songs transferred from  iTunes (I use Windows 7)  to my various Apple devices started skipping, scratching when I listened to them.  I knew  the songs themselves were ok as I could play them fine through iTunes. The symptoms were : songs would skip entire parts, a hissing noise would be heard when the cut occured. The skip would happen at random and would affect some songs but not others. This happened with my iPod nano, my iPod Touch and my iPhone.

At first I thought it was because I stored my library onto my NAS and it somehow became corrupted. So I recreated it. But the problem remained. I wiped out all my devices and retransferred my songs. But the problem remained….

Turned out to be a conflict between ZoneAlarm Extreme Security and iTunes ! As soon as I disabled ZoneAlarm I could transfer the songs and no more hissing/skipping. No need to desinstall ZoneAlarm, just disable it during the transfer and you should be ok. My version of ZoneAlarm Extreme Security is


How to batch clean up iTunes for Windows and remove the songs “not found” (shown with an exclamation mark)

January 8, 2011

There are a lot of scripts available on a Mac to automate iTunes. One of the best resource is Doug’s Applescripts for iTunes web page: but what if you are on Windows ?

There ain’t much but I found this page that contains the cleanup tool I was looking for :

Download the script-package and run the itunes_remove_notfound exe script. This will open a command-line window and will perform the clean up. On my NAS there were 3’ooo songs to remove and it took 15 mn.