How to flash Dreambox 600 and install a new image

January 2, 2012

This worked for me on the 2 DM600 I have.

  1. Launch a telnet client and connect to the dreambox using its IP adress (write it down for future reference)
  2. Issue the following 3 commands (type enter after each line) :
    mount /boot -o remount,rw
    rm /boot/*
  3. If all goes well the dreambox will say :
    Broadcast message from root :
    The system is going down for reboot NOW!
  4. You can then connect to the Dreambox using the IP you wrote earlier and flash the new image using Firefox or Internet Explorer

If you can’t find the IP address or if the dreambox decides to use a new one (usually because you have a DHCP server), you can use DCC  (most excellent tool btw!)  to scan the IP range of your DHCP server and hopefully you’ll see it in the list. It is the button labeled “Search” in the configuration menu.


Fix slow network problem with old dreambox 7020 the easy way

June 2, 2011

As mentionned here I experienced a very severe network issue with my Dreambox 7020. Transferring movies between the DBox and my PC was simply unbearable. I saw lots of posts instructing to replace a capacitor on the mainboad but I found that too hard to do. I solved the issue a different (and easier) way. Turns out that if you connect the Dreambox to a Gigabyte switch, the  switch to another Gigabyte switch and finally your PC to the switch, the network speed goes back to normal.

So I did the following :

Dreambox –> D-Link Gigabit Switch DSG-1008B –> Netgear Switch GS-116 <– My PC

…and it’s working… very strange isn’t it ?

Dreambox error message : Switch: Service could not be found

January 8, 2011

First a little bit about my config : I am connected to 2 satellites (Astra and Hotbird) so I can receive CanalSatellite and the Swiss TV channels.

A couple of weeks ago I started getting this error message when switching from one channel to another although the strength and quality of the signal were very good. When I rebooted my 7020, sometimes the problem went away but sometimes it didn’t, furthermore the problem seemed to occur when I moved from Hotbird to Astra (or vice-versa). When I checked online most of the posts suggested a problem with the LNB / DiSEqC setting or other hardware related problem. Some also suggested a problem with the Dreambox’s tuner.

Since I have another DB connected to the same dish that was working fine I thought the problem lied with the actual Dreambox and  dismissed posts suggesting problems with the dish hardware configuration.

I re-scanned the satellites, I bought a new cable to connect from the dish to the DB, I reinstalled the image, in fact I installed several images using FlashWizardPro (which you can find here amongst other sites) but…Same thing : the problem went away momentarily but very soon the dreaded  “Switch: Service could not be found” message reappeared. Arrgh ! At this point I thought my hardware tuner was dying and decided to buy a new Dreambox.

I unpacked it and installed it. Sure enough the problem went away. For a few weeks.

It reappeared last month ! With a vengeance I must say. At that time I started losing more and more  channels  (Arte, France 2 and some others). This was really odd because my other Dreambox was still ok ! What could it be ? I did reinstall everything, in fact I had a complete new box and yet the same exact problem occured…

Well, I still can’t explain it all but today everything is back to normal and I even recovered my lost channels ! What did I do ? Well I recreated my Satellite.xml file (it holds the different satellite positions and the services that are installed on them) and reinstalled the channels settings using Dreamset Editor. Previously I relied on Dreamboxedit to manage my satellite channels from my PC (creating channels Bouquets and managing them from the Dreambox is really painful you see).

This seems to have solved everything !

Procedure :

  1. Go to satellite.xml .eu to generate the satellite.xml for your dreambox (only choose the satellites you need, in my case Astra 1H/1KR/1L/1M/Türksat 1C (19.2E) and Hot Bird 6/8/9 (13.0E))
  2. Put the file in /etc/tuxbox directory (for a Gemini image) on your Dreambox using Dreambox Control Center (or any FTP tool, but DCC is useful for other Dreambox-related things too)
  3. Grab the correct bouquet structure from the great Opensettings website
  4. Apply them using Dreamset settings editor. Use their startup FAQ to quickly configure the program : the firmware for a DM7020 is Enigma 109 🙂
  5. Still using Dreamset, re-add the missing channels

Voilà, a working Dreambox again !

How to flash Dreambox 7020 and install a new image

September 12, 2010
  1. Power down the Dreambox using the power-switch.
  2. Press and hold the lower frontpanel button.
  3. Switch on the dreambox while holding still the lower button.
    A text “*** STOP ***” should appear. If something like “/flash”.. appears, you didn’t hold the right button. Now you can release the button.
    The bootloader got itself a DHCP address and entered the “waiting” mode
  4. Above the “*** STOP ***” text, there should be an IP-address (if the DHCP server is up, if not, you need to add one)
  5. Connect to the IP address using Firefox and upload the new image (must be an .NFI).