Sonos configuration options

I have a couple of Sonos products that I chose to replace my ageing wireless hifi configuration (see Synology DS Audio and JBL Wireless speakers). The primary driver was the Room feature allowing me to link Sonos speakers together and have them play the same music : when I throw a party, it’s great to have a musical continuity everywhere in the house, from the garden to the kitchen.

The engineers at Sonos have done a superb job of making the setup completely flawless and super easy. However as it is often the case what you get in user experience you sacrifice in flexibility (any resemblance to a real company, living or dead, is purely coincidental. I am not talking about Apple ūüėČ ).

So it was a real pleasure to see that they created user-accessible hooks to their hardware so that we can control a lot of the settings by simply issuing HTTP requests to the various devices.

Benoit Steiner wrote 2 great posts listing a lot of the options accessible through the Web APIs.

Both are must read for anyone inclined to (re)gain control of their Sonos components :


Have a look at the wealth of info you can obtain here (replace sonos_ip with the IP address of any of your Sonos gear) :



I immediately disabled the wifi on those of my speakers that are only connected through wired ethernet : http://<sonos_ip>:1400/wifictrl?wifi=persist-off

Here’s the command to put the wifi back on :¬†http://<sonos_ip>:1400/wifictrl?wifi=on




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