Asus RT-AC66U router and Tomato

I’ll write a longer post sometime but as a reference I flashed my Asus RT-AC66U router with the Shibby mod of the great Tomato firmware project. This allows me to use lots of very nice features not available from the stock firmware.

I downloaded the firmware from :

I chose the newest directory (121-en at time of this writing) and in there chose the AIO (All In One) version of the file : tomato-RT-AC66U_RT-AC6x–121-AIO-64K

Update April 2015. I just upgraded to the latest release and it worked like a charm. I simply downloaded the version from the newest directory (128-EN) and chose the upgrade option from the menu : http://router-ip-address/admin-upgrade.asp.

A really well-done implementation !

On top of that Shibby is super reactive on the linksysinfo forum and answers most of the questions users ask :

This is such a great example of the superiority of opensource software : we do live in great times, long live the share economy !!

Update September 2016: I once again upgraded following the procedure and it worked great.
This time however I wanted to erase the NVRAM so that I could reclaim some of the memory as only 4% was left available.
I used the following commands to capture the settings I did not want to re-enter by hand (go to Tools / System commands and copy-paste the results in Notepad for example) :

  • QOS Settings : nvram export –set | grep qos
  • Access restrictions : nvram export –set | grep rrule
  • DHCP Rules : nvram export –set | grep dhcpd

Then once the upgrade was finished I restored the settings using the reverse commands :

  • nvram set qos
  • nvram set rrule
  • nvram set dhcpd

I finished with a NVRAM COMMIT

Lots of great info on this on
Great, great stuff….


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