How to upgrade Samsung Galaxy S I9000 to Cyanogen Mod

My phone was becoming super slow as of late so I decided to upgrade its OS. I went for the Cyanogen mod as I was already using it with my previous HTC Magic phone and was very happy with its performance.

Well… Contrary to all my expectations, I am very happy to report that everything went super smoothly !! My phone is now proudly running Cyanogen 7.1. and performance has been much improved.


Congratulations to the Cyanogen Team.


I simply followed the upgrade guide here :

4 things worth noting :

  1. At one point you’ll be asked to  Wipe data/factory reset and Wipe cache partition. On my 16GB phone with its 8 GB internal SD card it did take a long time (20 mns if I remember correctly) and I nearly thought it was stuck.
  2. The phone will reboot a couple of times by itself, just let it go, it’s normal
  3. After Cyanogen is installed, the phone may be stuck in a reboot loop. That is the Cyanogen funky logo animation  will just appear on the screen. It is documented here and it happened to me. I simply removed the battery and everything was fine afterwards
  4. Perhaps the most important : My SIM Card was not recognized after flashing. Apparently there are some issues if the SIM-Card is password-protected. I had to put it in a different phone and remove the password before I could use it in my Samsung Galaxy. Note that you can put back a password once the installation is finished. So I would recommend removing the SIM password before doing the upgrade.

Happy upgrading !


2 Responses to How to upgrade Samsung Galaxy S I9000 to Cyanogen Mod

  1. Andrea says:

    SIM is not recognized… not even if isn’t password protected… 😦

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