How to flash Dreambox 600 and install a new image

This worked for me on the 2 DM600 I have.

  1. Launch a telnet client and connect to the dreambox using its IP adress (write it down for future reference)
  2. Issue the following 3 commands (type enter after each line) :
    mount /boot -o remount,rw
    rm /boot/*
  3. If all goes well the dreambox will say :
    Broadcast message from root :
    The system is going down for reboot NOW!
  4. You can then connect to the Dreambox using the IP you wrote earlier and flash the new image using Firefox or Internet Explorer

If you can’t find the IP address or if the dreambox decides to use a new one (usually because you have a DHCP server), you can use DCC  (most excellent tool btw!)  to scan the IP range of your DHCP server and hopefully you’ll see it in the list. It is the button labeled “Search” in the configuration menu.


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