How to quickly add text bubbles to a picture

I recently needed to create a little birthday party invite for one the kids and wanted to add a bubble to a picture. I could have fired up Photoshop but I thought for the task at hand it might have been overkill. So I went on checking out the great world wide web and ended up using this nice website : Superlame. It allows you to upload a picture and very easily add a cartoon-like  bubble speech.

Just what I needed and a job done in under 10 minutes.

The resulting image has a unique URL and can be saved, printed or sent to a friend.  The image will sport a (very) small icon for on the bottom right corner (which is fine by me as I think they did a great job and don’t mind spreading the word !). The url will expire after 24 hours, which is also fine with me.

Highly recommended…


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