Upgrade harddisk in a synology DS107

  1. Buy new harddrive
  2. Buy Sata-2-USB connector
  3. Download new firmware file from Synology website
  4. Download Synology Assistant from Synology website
  5. Create a backup of the settings within Synology using Disk Station Manager (DSM). Option is to be found under Backup/Restore :
  6. Replace harddisk in the synology
  7. Mount the old harddisk and access it from Synology. It will be called USBShare
  8. Restore the settings from backup file created in 5.
  9. Copy the files back to the NAS
    IMPORTANT : if there’s any multimedia files to be copied back, make sure to copy them onto a non-indexed folder (such as Public or TMP  for example) and move them once it’s done. Otherwise the Multimedia indexer will kick in and transfer will be very slooooooow. It this happens, kill the process (enable SSH, login as root and issue killall synoindexd)


If there’s a problem, mount the harddisk onto a PC and use explore2FS to browse the files : http://www.chrysocome.net/explore2fs


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