Read eBooks on the Samsung Galaxy S

  1. Buysome ebooks (epub, mobi format, PDFs, whatever)
  2. Install Calibre to manage the collection. Calibre will automatically convert the formats as needed (available here :
  3. Patch Calibre so that it works with the Samsung Galaxy S by downloading a new driver : see here for details
  4. Replace the file in your calibre installation. On my Win7 installation, it goes in here : c:\Program Files\Calibre2\Lib\site-packages\calibre\devices\android
  5. Connect the phone and transfer some books
  6. Read them either using the built-in reader (Aldiko ebook) driver or by downloading WordPlayer V3 from the Market.

Useful source for french ebooks is Team-A (aka Team AlexandriZ) :


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