Which movie jukebox to install on NMT Popcorn Hour A-110 ?

I have all my movies on 2 1TB-NAS from Synology and I am using PopCorn Hour to watch them in my homecinema. I Wanted to install a mediajukebox on the NMT as the default interface is quite…. bland.

There’s a bunch to choose from : Jukebox Comparison or The Jukebox Descriptions, Guides & FAQ’s Thread so I spent a little time digging and trying.

Initially wanted something to run only on the NMT so that I didn’t have to keep a pc running to update the files so I tried Oversight Jukebox and Dynamic Media Jukebox (DMJ).

To install them it’s super easy with the NMT Community Installer. This little app contains most of the packages available to run on the NMT (provided it’s got a harddisk and FTP enabled) and it’s just point-and-click.


  1. Straightforward install using the NMT
  2. FTP to the NMT and look at Readme.txt in Apps/DMJ
  3. Then from the Popcorn menu navigate to Apps/DMJ and select index.htm
  4. Create the database and select which source to scan…. then I realized that NAS (network shares) are not supported…
  5. Tried to update the source.txt files in Apps/DMJ/config to add my net share (using info from here) but that doesn’t work…
  6. Looked at the forum but no luck, changelog states that network share will come up in a future release.
  7. End of test

Oversight Jukebox

  1. Install using the NMT Community installer. Warning ! remote server is very slow and around 20 mns are needed. If you’re not patient you might be thinking that the Community installer is stuck, it will look like that for the 20 mn or so needed for the download : be patient
  2. Launch Oversight form your browser (no need to be on the NMT for this part)
  3. Click on setup and add the correct NAS path in “Media Sources”
  4. Select Rescan Medias
  5. Wait…..

Movie Flow

This one needs a pc to work as it will generate the html files to be read by the NMT

  1. Download and install on the PC using the files found here
  2. make sure sure you NAS is mapped using a drive letter (i.e. Z:\VIDEOS for example)
  3. Launch Movie Flow on the PC
  4. Carefully configure the settings (no real user guide but a forum and a bunch of how-tos for the different parts of the program. It would have been to have a step-by-step guide) by going first onto one the last tab (Configuration)
  5. Create or change the defautl database name
  6. Enter the drive letter which your NAS is mapped to onto the “PC Mapped folder” by using the Pick folder button (no way to enter this info by hand)
  7. Click done and then “select” when you’re returned to the configuration page
  8. Go to Scan Database option (around the middle tab)
  9. Click Scan for Database
  10. When done, go to the first tab (!) and select a skin by using Next and Prev buttons. I chose Sleek Blueice
  11. Make sure Movie output Folder is correct (this is where the program will put the HTML files) and click Start Movie Flow Build.
  12. Grab a cup of coffee and when done go check the result by launching the Movie-flow.html file from PopCorn

I noticed a lot of errors when recognizing the filenames. I probably didn’t name them properly and the program had some trouble finding the correct title. So I relied on Ember Media Manager to prepare the files.

This little beauty will scan your movie collection and retrieve whatever information it can from IMDB (posters, arts, synopsis, etc.). It will then put them together next to the movie file and create an NFO that Movie Flow can then eat and use to properly match the movies.

Update February 10. As of today it was moved to Sourceforge : available here. The version hosted doesn’t contain the startup database and thus has to be downloaded here : http://www.mediafire.com/?yrlsnf428x14k2s. Put the media.emm in the software installation path. Failure to do so will yield an error :

Title: ErrorMessage: SQLite errorno such table: movies

This forum has more info on the “new” Ember media revisited : http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?t=90682

I will more tests in the days/weeks to come as at this point I still haven’t found the jukebox of my dreams…


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