Rooting the Samsung GT-I9000 (aka Galaxy) when the 3 button method of getting into Recovery Mode is disabled

Received my brand new Samsung Galaxy running Android 2.1 today ! One year of using the HTC Magic on Cyanogen 1.6 was enough ! 1.6 is much better than 1.5 but the hardware was just too old and way too sloooooow…

The new phone is really great, I spend a little updating the Samsung apps from the market and setting up the correct accounts. Update Feb 2011. This fix is obsolete. The rest of the article is still valid though. Next I couldn’t help check what others were saying and noticed this post : One Click Lag Fix for Samsung Galaxy. What ? The Galaxy was slow and I could make it go faster ? I had to try and it seemed easy enough, just download the app from the market, install it, boot into recovery mode et voilà !

The only problem was… I couldn’t get into recovery mode on my particular phone and so could not get root and so not could install the fix and so my phone would remain sloooow… oh no !

Well it seems I am not the only one stuck with a phone whose firmware doesn’t allow booting into recovery :  Does your Galaxy S 3 btn Recovery Mode?

The easy solution is to install the USB debugging package on your PC. This allows you to developp apps for the Android platform but more importantly gives you command-line access to the phone to make it boot in recovery mode. Grab the files here : and the USB drivers for the Samsung Galaxy S at softpedia

Once installed :

  1. set your phone in “USB Debugging mode” ( “Settings”->”Applications”->”Development” and check “USB debugging”)
  2. connect the USB cable
  3. launch a command-prompt and navigate to the Android SDK directory
  4. in the Tools directory there’s an ADB.EXE command : type ‘adb reboot recovery’
  5. Phone will reboot and you can select “apply”. This will root the phone and then you can just launch “one click lag fix” on the phone. Here’s a little guide if needed

So in short to install One click lag fix, one must 1. grant root, 2. reboot in recovery mode and apply, 3. create EXT2 partition, 4. run one click lag fix

I did and when running the Quadrant benchmark (find it the android market), I went from 881 score to 2200 (!).

Update March 2011 : There’s fix for that problem and you MUST install it if you want to upgrade your firmware using ODIN or Heimdall. I’ll say it again : you MUST install the fix if you want to upgrade your firmware using ODIN or Heimdall. I just recovered my phone that was stuck in permanent brick mode and that was NOT pretty :

So, don’t put yourself in misery, head over to the XDA Developers forum and follow the procedure described in : [WARNING!] Do Not flash Any ROM until you can get the 3 buttons DOWNLOAD MODE working

End of update

Here’s a very interesting FAQ that covers rooting, flashing and other interesting topics for the Android phones from the excellent people over at the XDA developpers forum : Must Read !

Whilst there be sure to check the mini FAQ on the Samsung Galaxy

And here’s a summary of useful tidbits covering the Samsung Galaxy S : Whirlpool



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